Sunday, October 26, 2008

Radium-Light for pple in dark

The purpose of life is a life of purpose

Be the change that you want to see in the world
- Mahatma Gandhi

Education is the best thing you can give a child in need. Especially it becomes the best gift for the child who is really willing to go to school, but can’t afford it. We feel that money should not become a barrier in shaping up a child’s future. So, currently we have taken up the responsibility of sponsoring the education of 55 child labors from rural areas of Madurai. Most of these children have parents who are from a very poor background. Their parents are daily wage labors (umbrella repair, agriculture labors, construction workers etc) who find it almost impossible to send their children to school and so they prefer sending them to work to meet ends. But if we can sponsor for their education, they can surely continue schooling without any hindrance from their parents or financial crisis.

These 55 children have been selected for BlueBlood scholarship on the following criteria:
1.female infanticide incidence is high in the region
2.there are more than 3 children in the family
3.highly susceptible to becoming a child labor
4.very poor background and rural area

Ways of Contribution
You can be a sponsor for a child - Rs. 2000 per annum
You can be a monthly sponsor for the children - Rs.100
or You can make a one time donation also or u can give used guides(10th n 12th) , geometry boxes, sketch pens and note books to these children.

Your 100 rupees can change a life - think about it.

Those who wish to join us

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