Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recharge Phones, Pay Bill, Send Money From Your Mobile Phone


Nokia and Union Bank has together partnered for the launch of Union Bank Money service which will allow users using nokia or any mobile phone powered with java to make bill payments, recharge mobiles phones, do cashless shopping and send money from their mobile phones as well. Mobile money services by Union Bank Of India will pre installed on the upcoming nokia phones or one can pre install it on their nokia mobile devices which should support java to run this application.

Some of the major key benefits of this service will be.

Monday, March 28, 2011

'Ra.One' Official Trailer 30 Sec (HD)


3 Useful Facebook Applications


Facebook become a part of many people, daily routine for some, and an addiction to many. It was estimated more than 500 million active users and 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day. On this popular social networking site, you don’t only check on what is happening with your friend’s by their status updates, uploaded photos or videos, you can also enjoy using hundreds of applications. These are just a few of the reasons that Facebook is the most popular social networking website.

You can find many applications on Facebook that are created for fun, Entertainment, productivity, whether they’re games, or useful.

I have listed few applications, which will interest U

1. Fotoshop

Fotoshop is an online Photoshop like application. By using this software, you can edit your photos for free without installing. 

2. SlideShare

SlideShare is an application that lets you share your presentations on your Facebook network.

3. Application Builder

This application lets you create your own Facebook application even without knowledge of any programming language in just few minutes.

2 Ways to Get Free Cricket Scores Via SMS


This are some free services to get cricket scores via SMS. So, you can get score updates even on basic handsets.


Change your Mobile Operator without Changing your Number


Mobile portability service (MNP)

What is Portability?

Mobile phone users will have the freedom to choose any network provider they think is best for them. Now if you’re totally frustrated with your operator you’re allowed to change your operator in a way that you’re number will remain with you but operator gets change.

How to use? 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Download Free Cricket Mobile Games


Cricket world cup is here, you can play your part.

Yes, you can play your game with our mobile.  I have listed few Cricket games for your handset below. Download for free and Enjoy. 

Introducing Elfoid - Terrifying mobile phone


Introducing Elfoid, a "humanoid phone" developed by NTT Docomo and Qualcomm.

20cm long, the demon-child-like device is covered in a fleshy urethane skin, with call controls embedded into its stomach. Equipped with a camera, robotic elements pick up on a caller's movements, allowing two users of Elfoid phones to have their movements and facial expressions replicated by the device. Its arms move. Its neck turns. Its hands wave. Its eyes will follow you around the room.

Facebook Application - Calendar

The Calendar app from 30Boxes is the nicest calendar on Facebook, in my opinion. It is a complete personal calendar solution that includes SMS reminders and a built-in to-do list function.

Facebook Tips 1: Word Cloud


1. Turn Your Status Updates Into a Word Cloud

It will be real fun to see our status updates as a word cloud, now that is possible with a Application.

Aruvumathi 'Natpu Kalam' - Part 3

அடிவானத்தை மீறிய
உலகின் அழகு என்பது
இரண்டு மிகச்சிறிய
நட்பில் இருக்கிறது


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