Sunday, July 12, 2009


Windows 7 has become one of the hottest topic of discussion on web. It’s beta release is available for download too and Microsoft really believes that it is the best operating system ever developed. If downloaded, you might have seen the design and improved interference of Windows 7. Windows 7 beta has all the features and user interface improvements which were missing from the preview version distributed.
Let’s look at some of these features :

Touch Based interference support
If you have touch enabled hardware, you can access and control PC at your finger tips. The user interface enhancements such as support for Jump Lists – shortcuts to key functions in applications on the task bar – are also now present.

HomeGroup designed to search and share music, videos and other files stored anywhere on home network. It also supports Libraries to organize file collections regardless to their storage location.

Direct Access for business customers which enables mobile workers to securely connect to the corporate network without the need for a virtual private network. It locally caches content from remote file or web servers. Windows 7 is expected to be fully compatible with Windows Vista applications besides Low level tools like Antivirus program so it is highly advised for Business firms.

Windows Live with updated Messenger which includes Photo Gallery featuring better integration so that friends can get an update in Messenger when a user adds a new photo to their gallery. Messenger will integrate with Facebook RSS feeds within the next few months, enabling users to get updates from this source as well as already supported social networking services such as Twitter
Following are the links for fully functional Windows 7 OS for the period of 30 days/1month; To extend its validity or use it beyond this period, You will need an activation key which is bit difficult to get it.
So, Why go for leaked unreliable leaked torrents and links when you can get official download links on from Microsoft’s servers.


Basically, there are two different ranges, the full version to install on new computers and upgrade version where we already have Windows XP or Vista. Obviously, the upgrade will be cheaper, something that given the large amount of existing equipment, many can benefit.

Prices for this upgrade will be 119.99 dollars for Windows 7 Home Premium, 199.99 dollars for Windows 7 Professional and 219.99 dollars for Windows 7 Ultimate. For the full version, prices will be U.S. $ 199.99 Home Premium, from 299.99 dollars for the Professional and 319.99 dollars for the Ultimate. We still have to see how these prices get converted into Rupees INR.

Despite this, Microsoft will continue selling the upgrade version with the reduced price, but we must do to install it on a new computer, what it means to be backing up our data and applications, delete the contents of the disk and install on this.

Several manufacturers are starting to announce they will offer a free upgrade to Windows 7 on all computers purchased from now.

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