Monday, March 28, 2011

Change your Mobile Operator without Changing your Number


Mobile portability service (MNP)

What is Portability?

Mobile phone users will have the freedom to choose any network provider they think is best for them. Now if you’re totally frustrated with your operator you’re allowed to change your operator in a way that you’re number will remain with you but operator gets change.

How to use?  

Users only have to send one SMS through their mobile phone to 1900. For that you need to type PORT your mobile number, for instance, type PORT 9893605456 and send it to 1900. You’ll get porting code after it. Later, you need to fill porting form to send. Users will get all details like porting date and time in their mobile only and charge Rs. 19 only.

Prepaid users?

For prepaid users, talk time balance will not be return back to you, if you change your operator and also your new operator will not adjust your remaining balance you left in your last operator. So, use your balance till it gets zero before changing your operator

Postpaid users?

For postpaid users, they need to submit their last bill with porting form they submit to change operator. They should clear their outstanding before applying to new operator.

Final thought:  Once you have changed, will have to wait for another 90 days before being able to port their number again.

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