Monday, August 31, 2009

Website of the day -

Ehow A reference site for just about everything else. Want to know how to tie a tie? How to Get up in The Morning and Get to Work On Time? How to Customize a Cover Letter? This is the place. has to be one of my favorite websites I recently stumbled upon. You can literally find out how to do something right here on the website. They can tell you how to do almost anything, and that is what I like about this website. The website is from people like me and you, and everyone has their own opinion about something.

There may be 20 articles on how to make tomato soup, but everyone has their own different touch or ingredient. It is a really good website which I find quite addicting.

If you love to write, this might be the website for you. You have the opportunity to sign up for their writer’s compensation program and make money off of the articles that you share on the website. They pride themselves on having thousands of practical solutions to everyday problems and queries, and on offering this information free.

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