Friday, September 18, 2009

Joy of Giving.. - Festival

This is the Joy of Giving.. when it makes an absolute stranger happy, it makes YOU happy..

For us Clothing has always been a core issue, for more than a decade now we are struggling to dignify the act of giving, trying to add value to cloth contribution, trying to tell people that when you talk about 3 basic needs, you say food, cloth and shelter; then why has cloth become a disaster relief material only? Why do we think that people in remote villages need clothes only when we find out about a flood or an earthquake there? Do you really think that half the world needs a disaster to be helped? Is poverty itself not a big disaster? It’s not hard to believe that many more people die in winters due to lack of clothes than earthquake or floods? Winters are a much bigger and regular disaster.. For that matter even menses are a monthly disaster for every single woman who is forced to use ash, sand, jute gunny bags, or grass as sanitary pad due to lack of a small piece of cloth.

Our role is to tell you the importance of the subject and provide you a channel.. how much you do is in your hands..

To open up the subject for a nationwide participation, GOONJ has initiated its VASTRA-SAMMAN campaign during the Joy of Giving Week (27th Sept. till 3rd Oct.)

We are reaching many cities and people from many other cities are doing it on their own..(details on It’s a massive campaign, many times bigger than our size.

We want people to join us in large numbers; individuals, schools, colleges, corporates - anybody and everybody.

Before asking an obvious question, “whether it will reach the right people or not OR how can we trust you? Please spend 15 minutes on, that’s the first thing we will also tell you to do..

Just make sure to reach the material to our central hubs in the short listed cities by 15th October (a detailed list will be up on by 25th September)

NOW its your turn to join the movement, get motivated, get involved; motivate others and bring a change.. with this collected material as a massive resource under Cloth for Work for development activities in the villages, school material and toys to support rural/slum schools and aanganwaris. Useless cloth to make mats, school bags and the entire cotton waste material to be converted into sanitary napkin.

To know more about the campaign details:

To organize a camp:

To know the latest are two important links..

CNBC- Young turks (Story in two parts- links given below )

GOONJ’s Cloth for Work article in Outlook Business magazine

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